A Guide to Marathon Spray Booths

Marathon spray booths have over the years build a reputation for producing paint booths that are of high quality and ones that have outperformed the expectations and have become a point of reference in the industry. The the company has over 50 years of manufacturing and designing ensuring that they offer you with the best spray booths. This manufacturers specialize in the production of truck and equipment paint booths, automotive refinishing booths, as well as industrial booths. They also produce self-contained small part booths that don’t require ducting and movable container booths used for several applications such as painting, grinding, powder coating and for industrial use such as automotive and aerospace.

This manufacturer ensures the production of accessible equipment that guarantees you continued efficient running every year. Marathon is a full-service company that will design, build and install anything that you need. They produce varying types of booths, semi-downdraft, heated or non-heated systems, cross flow, as well as indoor or outdoor booths. You can also hire the company to custom design any booth type at a reasonable price and a quick turnaround.
Marathon manufactures spray paint booths suitable for every application. They provide truck and equipment paint booths, automotive paint booths in different airflow styles guaranteeing that they can best serve your needs and applications. It is possible for you to place an order for any booth type you require from their website.

The the company is a champion in producing high-quality powder coating booths that offer you with reliability during your everyday applications. They produce large and small powder coatings booths, 3-stage filtration booths, hi-efficiency ovens among others. The the company has an online store where they supply filters, powder guns and other such-like supplies.

The company also specializes in the manufacture of portable and self-contained spray booths. These spray booths are designed to be a movable finishing solution while maintaining quality and functionality. During the manufacturing process, the manufacturer ensures that all the light fixtures are positioned strategically to assist in removing shadows. These booths meet all the national environmental, fire and safety regulations. These portable spray booths are self-contained allowing easy movement of the booth to another area once you are done.

The Marathon Company also produces industrial booth systems. If you are a small or large organisation, Marathon manufacturers provide you with high-quality industrial, built-to-last finishing booths that are good for commercial use. Regardless of your type of industry, the company has an experienced team that can help you find a booth design or build a customised one to fit your needs at an affordable price.

For any paint spray booths needs, consider the Marathon Spray Booths. The company offers you with customised, high-quality booths at affordable prices.

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