Why You Need to Control Pests in Pets.

Basically, controlling pests such as fleas in pets is usually a process. Basically, adult ticks and fleas will mainly stay on the pet but the larvae, pupae, and eggs will be on the environment, for instance on the bedding, grass or the carpeting. Once you detect signs of fleas, it is possible that there are more larvae and eggs around your home. Therefore, effective control will involve treating the environment as well as the pet.

Although there are numerous types of fleas, one type will be enough to cause trouble to the pet and you as well. Nevertheless, VetIQ will come handy with their pet products to help you keep away ticks and fleas. Usually, some people will wonder how their pets got fleas or ticks. However, there are various ways how this can happen. One way your pet can get these pests is from your yard when a stray pet drops them. Since the pests will lay eggs, your pet will then collect the pests and the cycle continues.

For your pets to stay healthy as well as free from ticks and fleas, you need to control such parasitic insects with VetIQ pet products. Basically, it will be important that you treat the environment as well as the pet. By controlling the pests, you keep the pet healthy. Controlling the pests is especially essential immediately you see signs of fleas. Here are various health problems that may be caused by fleas.

1. Allergies of the skin.

Usually, fleas will bite while feeding and this causes a bump on the skin. They will also inject saliva into the pet’s skin. Usually, allergic pets will scratch their skins constantly which results in welts and swelling. To ensure your pet remains comfortable and happy, use VetIQ control products for fleas and ticks.

2. Pests will cause hot spots.

As your pet constantly chew or scratch the skin, it creates hot spots on the skin. You can, however, clean the pet using the VetIQ products to relieve such itching and pain.

3. Anemia.

Usually, fleas feed by sucking blood. The pet can become anemic due to the biting fleas. Some of the symptoms of anemia are such as low body temperature and pale gums. When the problem is not detected earlier, medical complications or death can occur. To help your anemic pet, you need to stop the biting fleas. At the same time, VetIQ pet products will ensure your pet is healthy and remains active and happy.

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